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Ocean City Police Dept

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Laytonsville VFD

Kensington VFD

University of Maryland Police Dept

Written Testimonials

"Everyone loves the bikes and says we are rocking the Maryland theme. They look good. The work was excellent and we are extremely satisfied with it. We definitely would recommend Priority Install for others to use for their needs."

 -Chief Reitz.

"I was very satisfied with Priority and have not had any problems. Priority met my expectations, in fact, we will be using them again for future jobs."

 -Deputy Chief Steve Leatherman


"Priority recently did an unmarked SUV for the City of Fairfax. I was very satisfied with the install. They were very knowledgable and helpful. We will be using priority for our next installs."

 -Jeff Morrison, City of Fairfax

"Just wanted to relay how impressed I am with the job on the Durango. Great job!" 

 -Joe Davis Deputy COO

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